Its good to know Marxism is the new thing on tumblr

Even though it’s obvious none of them have actually read into Marxism or else they’d realize how much they’d dislike him

When I learned about Marxism in college (sociology) I posted on Facebook like “why does everyone hate communism lol” cause I thought it sounded like a good idea, everyone would be equal and all that
Then I went to Cuba and yeah, now I get why everyone hates it.


Sounds like someone didn’t have a good time on vacation.

Or you know, you could hate America for making Cuba a shithole, instead of hating the movement that’s repairing a broken nation.

How do conversations even work on Tumblr? I mean… I want to respond to this, but is it ever really going to make it’s way back to these people?! Let alone, how am I supposed to know…